Saturday, March 04, 2006

Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show

Neil Diamond Neil Diamond Uni 1969
Room gets suddenly still And when you'd almost bet You could hear yourself sweat, he walks in Eyes black as coal And when he lifts his face Every ear in the place is on him
Rockwell Kent's Ahab
Never one to be overly subtle with an image, Diamond socks us with some of his best in this song. Nor does he stint here at the denouement, although the image that I have in my mind perhaps differs in the details from what Diamond probably had in his mind.

I see a man cross the stage to the podium. A severe man, lean and true. Rockwell Kent's Ahab with a shock of purest white hair, a little overlong and carelessly combed, dressed in a frock coat of deepest black -- with dozens of ears stuck all over him.


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